Intestinal Flora – Friendly Bacteria For Life



When was the last time you and your doctor discussed intestinal flora – the friendly bacteria in your intestines?


I ask that question now and then when someone is taking antibiotics – or any pharmaceutical drug, for that matter. The person usually gives a look that says, “You can’t be real. You must be from another planet.”  After all, who cares about intestinal flora?


However, the question is not absurd. We pay no attention to the friendly bacteria in our bodies, yet these microscopic plants provide the foundation for our health. No function of our bodies can work proficiently unless the intestinal flora are balanced according to Mother Nature’s plan for health. The basic plan for health includes keeping more beneficial bacteria - intestinal flora - than harmful bacteria in our digestive tract.


Health is the result of the degree of balance within all of the body’s systems. All of the body’s systems are affected by one another and, when the balance of the microflora in your body is upset, you unknowingly invite illness into your life. You really do not want that, do you? I think that you want to know how to restore and enhance your health. Nevertheless, I warn you that this fundamental health issue is connected to caring about intestinal flora – friendly bacteria.


What Is Intestinal Flora – Friendly Bacteria?


This may come as a shock to you, but you are sort of a walking garden. You cannot see any of the plants, called flora, in your garden because they are too small to see – hence the name microflora. No one has really counted them, but researchers tell us there are many more plants in your garden then there are cells in your body.


Your “garden” contains over 500 different species of plants, and billions and billions of tiny individual plants. Some microflora are useful to you because they keep you healthy. We’ll call these intestinal flora the Good-Guy Plants.


Other kinds of microflora are like native grasses. They are neither good nor bad, but some of the intestinal flora are potential Bad-Guy Plants. They are always there, but are not a problem as long as you tend your garden. But some of them are like crab grass or morning glory plants in a real garden. If you do not tend to your garden they grow like crazy and take over the garden.


The main, large garden is in your intestines, but there are other smaller gardens scattered around your body, something like the rose beds along the paths in parks. One of your main jobs is to know when your lifestyle upsets that balance of intestinal flora bacteria. You need to feed your plants a good diet, and replant often ( think probiotics ).


If you get lazy and just feed your garden just any old thing, or if you decide to put strong chemicals in your system, the balance between the intestinal flora bacteria upset. The bad-guy-plants put on their black hats and you’re not sure what is going to happen, but you know it will not be good.


When the good-guy-plants are not robust and vigorous, the balance is lost and your foundation for health gets shaky.  When the balance shifts to the bad-guy-plants, you will soon begin to notice symptoms of LIFESTYLE INDUCED DYSBIOSIS SYNDROME.


In addition, the only way to restore balance, regain your health, and say good-bye to Lifestyle Induced Dysbiosis Syndrome is to care about balancing intestinal flora.


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14 Responses to Intestinal Flora – Friendly Bacteria For Life

  1. I know a lot of the basics, but your post goes into much more detail. Thank you for all of the information. I take probiotics regularly and advise EVERYONE to take them whenever taking antibiotics.

    Cherie Miranda
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  2. Michael Paulse says:

    I have never discussed intestinal flora – the friendly bacteria in your intestines – with my doctor. This may change on my next visit.

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  3. Annie Born says:

    Looking forward to tomorrow!
    My chemist always asks about intestinal options after taking medicine. I think it’s a great service. And so is this post!
    Create a great day!
    Time to Care for the Caregiver Now?

  4. Rob Malone says:

    Thanks Neil for the iformative post. I had heard about intestinal flora before but I had no idea what it wasl I really liked the garden metaphor.

  5. My doctor always makes sure I’m covered for intestinal flora if he prescribes anti-biotics, thank heavens, as I know it’s hugely important. In my new country it’s not the same and I suspect I’ll have to insist.

    I know the basics but I’m very much looking forward to learning more!

    What do the numbers on plastic bottles mean?

  6. Sonya Lenzo says:

    I could actually hear bad guy music playing in the background when you got to the part about the black hats!!
    Cant wait to hear more…
    Sonya Lenzo

  7. Great use of the garden analogy to explain what can be a very complex or confusing subject. The next time I’m trying to explain why I take probiotics, I’ll just have them read your blog!

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  8. Dennis Perry says:

    Well written and informative.

    Great analogy of our bodies and a garden.

    Debt Elimination Expert

  9. I am reminded of the closing line from Voltaire’s “Candid” – “Let us cultivate our garden.” Apparently more of us do need to be tending our garden (I really like that metaphor and label for how to nicely think of our intestinal bacteria.) and indeed TO think about it(and act on it!)more for our vital health.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
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  10. How would one raise intestinal flora? I would assume probitics help, but would they not be rejected by the garden, because they are not indigenous?

    Thanks for the article!

    Mark Hogan

  11. Kevin Bettencourt says:

    Neil, so many fitness experts merely mention probiotics and never touch on Intestinal Flora or intestinal flora bacteria. L.I.D.S. is almost never brought up by doctors because they can’t make a buck on it.

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  12. John moulder says:

    I knew some basics , however that was a great explanation of what’s happening within our body.

  13. Andrew Miner says:

    This is a terrific post on intestinal flora. What do you think about taking a supplement like Endefen to feed the pro-biotics nutrients in your intestines?


  14. [...] causing an imbalance in the ratios of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. As stated in a previous article, the intestinal tract is lined with over 500 million different species of bacteria. Best guess is [...]

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