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Here You Will Find Safe and Effective Probiotics for Men and Women, Probiotics for Kids and Probiotics for Dogs and Cats.

Probiotic for Dogs

Get Geneflora for Pets Today

All our formulas are naturally heat-stable so they do not require refrigeration and make them the perfect probiotics for travel.

Since 1991, Geneflora and the Geneflora Family of Products have been making a difference world wide - helping people, just like you, live better and healthier lives.

The Geneflora Family of Probiotics meet all the criteria of a perfect probiotic formula:

  • They are viable – alive during the manufacturing/bottling process and are guaranteed to be alive even past the expiration date – in sufficient quantity to promote beneficial changes in the intestinal environment.
  • They are able to naturally survive the elements that kill the average probiotic, including passing safely through the harsh environment of the stomach to reach the intestines.
  • They are able to proliferate in the intestinal tract.
  • They are able to implant for enough time – 7 to 11 days – allowing the growth of L. acidophilus and other beneficial bacteria that are naturally occurring in the intestinal tract.
  • They produce L+ Lactic Acid – which is completely and efficiently metabolized and assimilated – and is produced in enough quantity to inhibit the growth of pathogenic (harmful) bacteria.

Most Important – They Do All These Things NATURALLY!

Probiotic for DogsGet Geneflora for Pets Today

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